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Frequent Misconceptions: Let's Break the Stigma


So your child's been diagnosed with a learning disability? That can be a scary and overwhelming time for both parents and students. In-between frantic googling and navigating the special education labyrinth, have you had any of these worries?

  • Students with IEPs cannot attend college.

  • Parents could have prevented their child from developing a learning disability.

  • Children with learning disabilities are lazy/unmotivated or could "work harder" to overcome it without support.

  • Students with IEPs won't learn "real" school material.

  • Students with IEPs cannot take Honors/AP classes.

  • Students with IEPs must be in a special class.

  • There is nothing a school can do to help a student falling behind.

  • The school can decide what services the child will receive by itself.

  • Seeing an educational psychologist means my child is crazy.

  • Being labeled with a disability will ruin my child's education future

While these fears are common and totally understandable, they just aren't true. With proper support, students with disabilities can absolutely thrive in k-12 education and beyond! One of the most important things you can do is learn how to make the system work for you and your child. Knowing your rights and understanding your child's test results and needs can make a massive difference in your child's educational experiences.

I recommend reading your rights as a parent (this is written for North Carolina, but the rights are mandated by federal law not state-specific) and your child's school reports and testing results. Make notes about any questions you have or any services you think would help you child. Remember, while the school is the expert in learning, you are the expert on your child. Overwhelmed? Book a free consultation today and let us walk you through everything.

Have you had any of these fears? Tell us about it in the comment section below

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