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What to bring to an IEP meeting

Today we discuss what you need to ensure the best outcome for your child!

Before you even walk through the door, there are steps you can take to set you and your child up for success. In earlier blog posts we've talked about the IEP meeting process and given an overview of parent's rights. Today, we break down 5 things you can bring to an IEP meeting (and why they matter).


If you have any records relating to their diagnosis it can help to bring them with you. The school should have access to the school psychologist's evaluation, but it never hurts to bring what you have. This is especially important if there's been a change to your child's needs (e.g. a change to ADHD medicine, new results from a speech or audiology evaluation, etc.).

If you're moving to a new school district or a new state, you'll also want a copy of their previous IEP.


An action plan


An advocate*

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