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As educational consultants, we've succeeded in helping our clients achieve substantial improvements in their child's educational experiences. We've provided clients with personalized attention and expert advice through some of their most complex challenges. See what our customers say and get in touch with us today.

After hearing that my teenage daughter was struggling with her schoolwork, Caitlin immediately volunteered her time and expertise to help coach and tutor Kylie. So, with the challenges of a new digital learning platform brought on by COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantine, we contacted Caitlin for a consultation. After just one phone call, My daughter came back saying that she felt more confident and had learned new strategies to help her in her studies. Since then, Caitlin has continued to help by walking her through difficult assignments and providing much needed advice to help with focus, strategy, and execution.  


Caitlin's guidance led to my daughter finishing her Sophomore year in High School with straight A’s, boosting her confidence and appeal to possible college admissions. I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her willingness and dedication to elevate Kylie to her highest level of success thus far. 

B. Gregory

We have a 10 year old child with an IEP in New Jersey. 

Caitlin helped us to navigate the information provided to us and what our child was entitled to. 

She also helped us to understand we were waving away our 3 year psychology evaluation as we were not fully informed by the school of what this meant.  We now have a clear plan and feel better prepared for next IEP meeting.

P. Rose 

Caitlin has been a tremendous help in providing guidance and advice in regards to my children’s development. She has helped us with much useful insight, drawn from her years of experience and streamlined the process of navigating services that my children are eligible for through the school. She has helped me in acquiring the correct special ed services for my daughter and starting the evaluation process for my son. Cait has even gone as far to offer her services as a remote tutor for my children.

I am so happy and grateful to have a person knowledgeable in teaching techniques and education services in my corner; she is a true advocate for children.


S. Pizan

After 3 years of trying to get a 504 (NY) in place for my son with ADHD it was finally possible with Caitlin’s help. She walked me through the the steps, what I need to request, what I can request and what the schools district can not deny me. Her help in navigating the special education/IEP/504 process. She provided great accommodation request for son and assisted with being an advocate for the 504 meeting. Caitlin has been an amazing addition to my son’s team for his learning difficulties.

the Restrepo Family

Michael read through my son’s iep and met with me to prepare for his meeting. I felt like the school was pushing me and my son out instead of giving him the services his IEP recommended. I’ve never been bullied like that in my life, and to make it worse it was about my son. Michael advocated with me in the meeting for better services. We left with much better supports in place from the school. It’s been a year, and my son is on grade level in math and reading!

Karina S.

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